What is HIT?

HIT stands for healthcare information technology. You may also see it referred to as healthcare informatics, but the bottom line is that HIT is an acronym used to describe a broad concept that encompasses an array of technologies to store, share, and analyze health information.

As the healthcare industry faces unprecedented changes due to the Affordable Care Act and a dramatic increase in our nation’s aging and chronically ill population, healthcare organizations are responding with new care delivery models. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping these care providers navigate the changes and adapt their businesses to help improve the health of their patients, reduce the cost of care delivery and increase patient satisfaction. Many industry leaders call this newfound goal the Triple Aim.

Whether it is automating business processes, gaining deeper insights with big data analytics solutions or streamlining their operations to work smarter, HIT has become a critical component to every healthcare provider’s business plans. This dependency has spurred a rapid influx of innovative healthcare technology companies and services providers.

Georgia is now home to more than 200 of these technology providers. Thousands of Georgians have found careers in HIT to be some of the most rewarding and challenging positions they've ever had the opportunity to pursue. Not only are they able to help solve our nation’s healthcare cost crisis, but they are also able to take advantage of some of the highest paying jobs in the technology field.

If you want to learn more about how to build your own successful career in healthcare IT, take advantage of all IHIT has to offer.