What We Do

Foster economic development opportunities and improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare in Georgia through the advancement of technology.
Our Mission IHIT started as a small group of healthcare IT companies and organizations in Atlanta who wanted to work together to grow our economy, expand employment opportunities and ultimately improve healthcare in Georgia through the advancement of technology.

Today, more than 50 vendors, health systems and educators are actively engaged in IHIT programs, such as the annual workforce needs research study, HIT Day at the State Capital, and interactive panel discussions with state legislators to ensure Georgia maintains its leadership position as our nation’s largest healthcare IT community.

Our Start In the early 2000’s, Georgia began to emerge as a leader in healthcare IT, as more healthcare organizations began to call Georgia their home. With market leaders like McKesson and MedAssets, now Vizient, already here, several early stage companies, like Brightree and ShareCare, started to lay down their roots and grow. And the care provider community was equally strong with institutions like Children’s Healthcare and Emory Healthcare being known around the world as innovative thinkers and providers of top-notch care.

Government organizations, such as the CDC, and associations like the American Cancer Society that were headquartered in Georgia continued to drive demand for qualified healthcare-related technology works.

As healthcare reform started to take shape, so did the state of Georgia’s innovative healthcare IT community.

Pat Williams, one of the founders of IHIT and the current chairman, knew that something great could be achieved if all of these organizations had the opportunity to collaborate more effectively. Whether it was creating job opportunities for experienced Georgia workers or new innovations that could advance the health of our communities, the opportunity was there. This idea was the spark that fueled the creation of IHIT in 2011. 

Since its inception, IHIT has worked tirelessly to connect, inspire and advance the needs of Georgia’s healthcare IT community.

Our Impact

    • HIT Day at the Capital Events:
      Each year, IHIT brings together hundreds of healthcare IT leaders, healthcare providers, local and community leaders on the steps of the Georgia state capitol. Through these events, we are able to keep the issues facing the HIT community at the forefront of the state’s legislative agenda. In the morning hours, we present our annual letter on the Congressional floor, and then all attends are invited to join us for host thought-provoking panel discussions, speakers and networking opportunities.

  • Research Studies and Reports:
    Each year, IHIT conducts research studies and produces valuable industry reports that represent the burning issues that Georgia’s healthcare IT community is facing. We’ve covered everything from the state’s workforce needs to the status of digital health in Georgia. Visit our Research page to access all of the most recent reports from IHIT.

  • Roundtable Discussions:
    Several times every year, IHIT hosts roundtable discussions with leading healthcare providers, technologists, educators, and innovators from across state to discuss the industry’s challenges and strategies of the future. We’ve successfully hosted a variety of groups, including CIOs from more than 25 Georgia hospitals discussing the state of cyber security and interoperability.

  • Lt. Governor’s Business and Education Summit
    IHIT designed and manged the healthcare program for the Lt. Governor’s annual college and career academy program. Leaders from participating IHIT companies were asked to speak on interactive panel discussions and educate attendees on the issues and opportunities within the healthcare IT community in Georgia.